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Supporting small-scale farmers around the world - A look back at 2021

IFAD News- Bangladesh
2021 brought immense challenges to all corners of the world. Nevertheless, IFAD has been busy doing what we always do: supporting projects that improve the lives of rural small-scale farmers. As the year comes to a close, let’s zoom in on some of those projects – from Asia to Africa and on to Latin America – and meet some of the people we’ve helped along the way.
Figure: ©IFAD/GMB Akash
36-year-old Rowshan Ara had never worked outside the home. With her husband’s work their only source of income, they struggled to provide for themselves and their four children.
Today, Rowshan is a successful micro-entrepreneur, running a thriving livestock business from their home. It all started when the IFAD-financed PACE project came to Sadar Upazila, their corner of Bangladesh’s Tangail district. Rowshan received a micro-loan, along with trainings in how to sustainably raise livestock, access the local markets, and use technology to get her business off the ground.
Now economically self-sufficient, Rowshan is able to support her family and pay for her children’s education. She has plans to keep growing her business, too: she wants to someday own a large dairy farm.
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 2021: Rural Resilience in Action

IFAD Nes - 30 December 2021
For another year, millions of small-scale farmers have been bearing the brunt of  Climate Change and COVID19. Despite the challenges, they have been using everything from boats to goats to build resilience. IFAD was there to support them
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