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Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam.) Is a perennial plant has become one of the major challenges for the development of Binh Tan, Vinh Long province. It is obvious that food production must increase considerably in order to meet the future demand of a growing population and change Agricultural technologies capable of producing nutritious and marketable foods in Vinh Long and importantsocio-economic contexts are extremely urgent.
November 29 2018 training workshop to build network of sweet potatoes for Vinh Long province in summer 2018 due High Agricultural Technology Research Institute for Mekong delta ( HATRI) with more than 45 organizations from agriculture Vinh Long province in the hamlet of Thanh An, Thanh Đong, Binh Tan District Vinh Long province. The training aims to: build breeding network and produced two varieties sweet potatoes: sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes Hung Loc purple; facilitate collaboration in the community on building the network to do the same and the new breed varieties have gradually degenerated. The participation of the Department of agriculture, Department of Plant protection, the same center of Vinh Long province and the district's agriculture, agricultural extension Centre of the province and the scientists and the local farmers of Vinh Long. The training is an effective platform to update stakeholders on innovation in the field of expertise. by pro  Nguyen Thi Lang...
Figure 1. Field exoerment at Thanh An, Thanh Đong, Binh Tan district, Vinh Long province ( photo by N.T.Phuoc )
Figure 2. Hung Loc variety sweet potato at Thanh An, Thanh Đong, Binh Tan district, Vinh Long province ( photo by N.T.Lang ).
Figure 3. Tim Nhat variety sweet potato at Thanh An, Thanh Đong, Binh Tan district, Vinh Long province ( photo by N.T.Lang ).
Figure 4: farmers: Ngo Van Tua harvesting sweet potatoes Tim Nhat purple with Prof N.T.Lang to assess quality in the hamlet Into An Thanh Binh Tan district, Vinh Long province (photo by Phuoc Nguyen Trong)
           Prof. Lang introduce the purpose and requirements of the project, the workshop introduced the project goals and the meaning of network construction of breeding of sweet potato for Binh Tan district. In the winter-spring has bred sweet potatoes and delivered to the people in the 5 points of breeding of sweet potato; guide rehabilitating varieties, nutritional value of sweet potato varieties. General:-bred sweet potatoes, raise productivity, the quality of the breed. Serve the needs of the market. -Construction of the model of breeding, training and transfer processes. Specific objectives: build the system of breeding of sweet potato in 3 levels: Super Foudation, foundation and Certificated. Build process-model of breeding of sweet potato for Vinh Long province. Performing the actual model in the experimental points in Binh Tan district-Vinh Long.
          Build advocacy system for farmers the same awareness as well as the conscious use of local quality seed sources. Corn farmer van Tassel. General statements about the technique under the guidance of the program and the actual revenue yield the same sweet potato the yield 24 tonnes per 1 ha. Sweet potato varieties available today is the price. He promised to bring the same Hung Loc Sweet potato varieties to the salesman for Big C.
          DR. Tran Kim Dinh Director plant protection Bureau Vinh Long province speech toward cooperation with China to promote investment in sweet potatoes. Therefore suggest "farmers need focus the quality of sweet potatoes to proceed to export to other countries"
MSC. Le Thi Truc Phuong Guide sweet potato breeding techniques. The speakers at the seminar how to care for mashed potatoes as well as protect the species of pests for Sweet potato varieties.
In discussing farmers have asked about the harmful pests of sweet potato Prof. Lang has answered for farmers need to take care of her sweet potato. and currently need diversity like sweet potato.-represented...
Figure 5: Training farming sweet potato varieties in Thanh An, Thanh Đong, Binh Tan District Vinh Long province (Photo by N T Phuoc)
A representative of farmers Mr.Trung Hoang Minh Dang, Tan Binh, Binh Tan, Vinh Long purple sweet potato Varieties said "I planted very well. doubling productivity especially rice varieties of intestines Hung Loc. Just like from tubers are very satisfactory. In addition to the other farmers are also very interested in rehabilitating the sweet potato varieties are very beautiful."
Prof. Lang had promised local continued the next assay on manure cultivation ways to reduce cost. Eventually the shethank delegates and wish early in many health and the Mekong delta farmers hit by the winter season in the 2019 Dry season sweet potato
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