Decision to recognize the official variety: TPG1
Decision to recognize the official variety: TPG1
 Author Nguyen Thi Lang and Bui Chi Buu
High Agricultural Technology Research Institute
Department of Cultivation signed the official recognition of rice varieties TPG1 under decision No. 181/QDTT-VPPN on September 4, 2020 (accompanied by Decision and Annex) The purpose of finding the average high yield rice variety Mekong Delta Institute of High-Tech Agricultural Research released TPG1 breed.
The TPG1 seed selection diagram is selected from the Jinmibyeo/SP6//Jinmibyeo hybrid complex. Jinmibyeo is a variety imported from Korea, SP6 imported from the International Rice Institute this type of Japonica, resistant to pests and  drought and salinity is used as a mother. SP6 rice varieties are rice varieties, hard trees, laying good branches, stable high yields are used as fathers. Jinmibyeo/SP6//Jinmibyeo population hybrids Jinmibyeo/SP6//Jinmibyeo populations began to be bred in 2013 and hybrid individuals are continuously selected based on molecular directives until generation BC4 (Figure 1). Individuals of each generation are selected based on the aromatic gene hetomy genes from the father and the contract in 2 molecular SSR (RM223, RM3475,) for the genes marked on the mother individual.
Figure 1. Jinmibyeo/SP6//Jinmibyeo population creation selection diagram via MAS
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