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13/06/2019 NOTIFICATION 337
Study of the yield and quality of sweet potato varieties in Vinh Long
Nguyen thi Lang1, L.T.T.Phuong, Nguyen Trong Phuoc
1High Agricultural Technology Research Institute for Mekong delta
Sweet potato(Ipomoeaebatatas (L.) Lam.; are important food for humans, in the convolvulaceae family. Sweet potatoes provide strategies to improve nutrition and income for the rural population in provine at Vinh Long affected by micronutrient deficiencies. Purple sweet potato varieties and Hung Loc varietie was in in Vinh Long province as a major crop of the district, Binh Tan (Vinh Long). the productivity record 5 record Hung loc varieties Township have superior productivity in the communes of the arrondissement of 35.42 tons/ha. It is just like the purple sweet potato was rehabilitating the yield 24.34 tons/ha. Additionally significant sources of carbohydrates nutrition (96%), plays an important role in the shortage of energy. Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin A than the roots and tubers. Vitamin C is also noteworthy. Sweet potato contains vitamins E, B1, B2 and folic acid. Very rich in minerals supplement the functions of the body such as zinc and calcium. Just like with β-carotene is Hung Loc. Just like mashed potatoes Hung Loc vitamine C content of 27.68% highest. While the ratio of iron look like Purple very high Japanese mg higher than similar 0.617 mg compared with checked.
Keywords: β-carotene, Sweet potato, Vitamine C, Vitamine A
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